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From time to time I transcribe documents I come across and post them here. Some are related to my family lines and some are not. Hopefully the information will be of use to someone.

The Warsaw Ball

Such is the case with a document now added. I came across this list in a Livery Journal kept by R.T. Scott of Norwood, Peterborough County Ontario. Robert Scott, age 28, appears in the 1901 census for the village of Norwood with his wife Jenet.

On pages 87-88 of the journal is a list of Names of People Attending Warsaw Ball April 15, 1921. Over 100 names are recorded with their locations which include Norwood, Warsaw, Douro, Lakefield, Indian River and Halls Glen. None of these names connect with my family, so I cannot provide any additional information over and above what was recorded. The list was transcribed, proof read and then sorted so it is now alphabetical by surname
click here to view the list of names attending the Ball

My WEIR dilemma

Are all Protestant Irish Weirs in Northumberland County related?
I have compiled a great deal of data on early WEIR settlers in Cobourg, Hamilton Township and Alnwick Township. There are many indications that a number of brothers and sisters and possibly their mother came to this area between 1828 and 1837.
click here to view the information on the first WEIR settlers in Northumberland County

1861 Census of Percy Township Division 2

For anyone who has ancestors in Northumberland County Percy Township, Division 2, the enumerator for the 1861 census made a lucky error in interpretation. The column "Married During the Year" was interpreted to mean "In what year were you married?" Therefore for married couples all but the last two pages of the census records for this division have a year entered in this column.
Like all census records, this should only be a guide until you can find confirming evidence, but this little nugget of information may help you in your search. The links below will take you to transcriptions of the pertinent details of those records. Note that some information was not provided and some of the writing was difficult to decipher. A question mark (?) indicates that the interpretation of the writing is my best guess. Remember to check all possible spellings of the surname.

If you find your ancestors listed here - great - that was my purpose in doing the transcriptions. If you want actual photocopies of the microfilm records, that can be arranged.
click here to view pages 1-16 of the census information
click here to view pages 17-36 of the census information

Surnames of Prince Edward County

Were your ancestors in Prince Edward County? The County a book by Richard and Janet Lunn contains a wealth of information about "the first hundred years in Loyalist Prince Edward". When it was published in 1967, it did not include an index. I have created a surname index which will be helpful to those who already have a copy of the book as well as those who want to reference it at their library. I have listed many of the surnames that are in the book so you can check to see if your ancestors might be there. Click on the link below to access the list of names. While I have not included all variations here, the actual index does include all spellings used in the book as well as first names when given and the page references. If you want to order a copy of the index, details are included on the page.

click here to view some of the surnames contained in "The County"

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Research Services
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